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How to convert .vtt to .srt online

Good morning. 

Yesterday I just downloaded a TV series and also the subtitle, but I got a problem with the subtitle. It has .vtt format not .srt format as usual and it was different in use. So I found a way how to convert .vtt to .srt online.

1. Clik here


2. Click Subtitle, open and then choose your .vtt file and click open.


3. Click load subtitle button, wait until finish and the dialog box will close automatically.


4. It’s finish if the first line in the table show the green color.


5. Now you can download the .srt subtitle. Click subtitle , then save/download.


Okay, I hope it will be useful. Thanks for visiting my blog.



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4 thoughts on “How to convert .vtt to .srt online

  1. Thanks a lot, this post has been most helpful and I had no problems whatsoever converting .vtt to .srt. 🙂 Many thanks for you help.


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